Alexandra Geppert, 29

Bartender, Operations and Marketing at Star Bar

As the creative director for the Colorado Bartenders’ Guild, Alexandra Geppert works to bring specialists from all over the profession into the fold: “Speed bartenders, flair bartenders — we want it to be a source for everybody.” It’s a goal born of experience. When Geppert herself started bartending in college, “I knew how to make a Jägerbomb, basically.” And though she went on to immerse herself in the craft-cocktail scene while working at Root Down — “I knew I was in trouble when I saw more books than bottles behind the bar,” she laughs — she remains committed to the ideal of inclusiveness, which makes her current job at Ballpark’s beloved Star Bar easy. “If you want to hear about every detail of our program, we can bore you to tears. But we’re really just about the guests having fun, taking away from their troubles,” she explains, whether by pouring Brooklyns “for whiskey drinkers that never liked Manhattans” or offering partyers watermelon-chile boozecicles on the back patio. As Star Bar expands, Geppert is taking on an ever-larger role behind the scenes even as she continues to work with the Guild and builds her own marketing company. The extra responsibility doesn’t change her outlook one bit. “I’ve always loved people, talking with them, being social,” she says. “This industry was just a natural fit.”