Jasmine Tea Benefits

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world for a reason. It has a pleasant flavor, exceptional aroma, and most importantly, health benefits that can help fight off diseases, from cancer to cardiovascular diseases. Of course, not many people take into consideration the health benefits when buying tea; the flavor and the aroma are the main determiners of the quality and the price, and that is what the majority of consumers look after. However, as of lately, people are recognizing the power of the tea in regards to their wellbeing, and the demand for proper information is huge. The majority of the teams have undergone official tests and studies in regards to their beneficial properties, but these studies are too complicated for regular consumers. Especially when it comes to scented teams, like jasmine green tea.

That is why we have decided to tackle this topic and present the most important information to you, as simply as possible. The benefits of jasmine tea are numerous, and before buying it, you should look into the tea’s chemical composition and the effects it will have on your body. Long story short; jasmine tea is an exceptionally healthy beverage. For a more detailed insight, check the following paragraphs.

Jasmine Tea Overview

For those who are not familiar, jasmine tea is a blend of jasmine flower and a usually green tea basis which is scented by the jasmine flower, if the tea is high grade. If the tea is low grade, the scenting is done through jasmine oils or perfumes. Nevertheless, jasmine tea is a scented tea that has undergone several scenting rounds but also undergoes regular green tea processing, blending, and production. The place of origin of this amazing beverage is China, where it is largely consumed for its beneficial properties, alongside the outstanding flavor and aroma. Coming from the famous Fujian Province, jasmine tea is a Chinese national treasure, which has been served to the emperors and dynasties for thousands of years. Nowadays, jasmine tea is produced and consumed globally, from the Philippines, the Middle East, to Europe, North and South America. Nevertheless, the best jasmine green tea still comes from the Far East.

When it comes to jasmine tea, of course, the first thing we notice is the flavor and the aroma. This exotic, sultry and incredibly fragrant tea has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavor and aroma, which are also subtle, elegant and pleasant to each one of our senses. This tea is rich, refined and very delicate. Sometimes the tea blend itself can contain the actual, dried jasmine flowers, but most of the time the tea is simply scented. In China, tea makers don’t want you to simply enjoy the tea through the scent, but also visually, so they tend to leave the flowers in the blend. Later, during the infusion, these flowers come alive and create a spectacle for not your nose and taste buds, but also for the eyes.

Jasmine Tea Chemical Composition

jasmine flowers

Now, before we get into the health benefits of this tea, it is important to understand what makes it healthy in the first place. When tea-based, jasmine tea can be blended with green, black or Oolong tea, receiving its health benefits directly for these bases. However, the jasmine flower itself contains chemicals that are not solely responsible for the scent. To understand this tea better, let’s look at the chemical composition up close;

  • Polyphenols – these compounds are most commonly found in tea, and jasmine green tea is no exception. Polyphenols contain flavonoids and phenolic acids, which green tea is extremely rich in. These compounds are responsible for the flavor and the color of the tea (which is also affected by the compounds from the jasmine flower). They are responsible for a stronger, more profound flavor of the tea. Other than flavonoids, polyphenols also include catechins, which make jasmine green tea rich in antioxidants. Polyphenols contribute to the biological activity of the jasmine green tea, but more on this in the following paragraphs.
  • Amino Acids – amino acids in jasmine green tea include theanine, or to be more precise, L-theanine. It is believed that the consumption of jasmine green tea has a positive effect on the body due to these compounds. They contribute to the development of relaxation, calmness and can also have an uplifting effect. L-theanine also prevents caffeine in the tea to cause any negative effects, like withdrawals, mood crashes or headaches.
  • Caffeine – this compound is a natural stimulant, often found in certain tea varieties, like green tea. Since green tea is often the basis for jasmine tea, it, therefore, contains caffeine. This compound is responsible for numerous beneficial effects in regards to one’s body, and mind. It increases focus, concentration, promotes food digestion and aids weight loss. Green-tea based jasmine tea can contain an estimate of up to 25 to 30mg of caffeine.
  • Other compounds – jasmine tea is rich in numerous other compounds which include minerals (potassium, zinc, selenium, magnesium), peptides (proteins), organic acids, carbohydrates, volatile flavor and aroma compounds, etc. All of these contribute to the chemistry of the tea, health properties, as well as its color, flavor, and taste.
  • Compounds found in the flower alone – jasmine flowers contain antioxidants, essential oils, phenolic acids, flavonoids, coumarins, saponins, and steroids. These all increase the health properties of the tea, making it more versatile in medicinal applications.

The Health Benefits

Now, it is important to know that jasmine flowers themselves can provide certain health benefits. Therefore, plain-jasmine tea is a common way of consuming this beverage in order to take advantage of its certain compounds and health properties. However, when combined with a tea basis, which is often green tea, the health properties double and make the beverage more effective in its medicinal application and health benefits. Here’s how you can benefit from drinking jasmine tea;

Anticancer activity

Jasmine tea with a green tea basis has been studied for its anticancer activity. To be more precise, the studies revolve around gastrointestinal cancer and the effects jasmine tea consumption can have on its reduction and development inhibition. Particular studies have shown that regular jasmine tea consumption can have a significant positive relationship in regards to protective effects against gastric cancer. When it comes to upper gastric cancer as well as esophageal cancer, jasmine tea has also shown positive results; regular consumption has inhibitory effects, reduces cancer cell growth, cancer development and overall risk of developing cancer in the first place. Jasmine green tea has also been associated with prostate and breast cancer development prevention. Moreover, regular consumption of this amazing beverage can also reduce the recurrence of cancer in people who have already suffered.

Cardiovascular health protection

Studies have shown that regular jasmine tea consumption can help people protect their heart health as well as prevent the occurrence of heart diseases and heart attacks. Jasmine tea helps unclog arteries that were clogged by potentially harmful cholesterol. Green tea, in particular, can prevent plaque formation and lower the risk of heart disease development. One particular study has shown that people who regularly consume jasmine tea lower the risk of heart disease by 19%, and the risk of heart attacks by 36%, as well as the risk of strokes and other heart-related problems.

Weight loss

Many studies and research have been conducted in regards to the connection between tea consumption and weight loss. One particular study published in Indonesia has found a direct connection between jasmine flower tea and weight loss effect. It has been discovered that jasmine flowers are efficient in the inhibition of fat accumulation in the body. Moreover, not only does the jasmine tea prevent fat accumulation, but also aids weight loss, and makes the whole process of losing weight much faster and long-lasting. The tea has diuretic properties, suppresses appetite, decreases the feeling of hunger or the need to snack and prevents fat from storing around organs like the liver. All of this makes it an exceptional weight loss aid that is even recognized and recommended by the medical community. Jasmine tea with a green tea base is probably even more effective as green tea does miracles for weight loss.

Gastroprotective properties

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used jasmine tea to treat stomach related diseases and problems, whether related to spleen, stomach or liver. Even though the gastroprotective effects of jasmine tea have not been tested on humans, animal trials have shown exceptional results. One particular research has shown that jasmine tea protects these organs and improves their function; for example, it promotes the spleen to assist with digestion and blood coagulation or helps the liver to regulate the body fluids more effectively. Jasmine tea that has a green tea base is especially effective in easing stomach pain, calming down the irritable bowel syndrome and overall keep the gut flora, or gut bacteria healthy and effective.

Antidepressant and antianxiety properties

Recent studies on natural depression and anxiety remedies have shown that jasmine (as a flower, essential oil or tea blend) can help with depression and anxiety. For many people, taking pills can cause numerous side effects, which can themselves become a bigger problem than depression in the first place. However, by using jasmine essential oils or by consuming jasmine tea, one is going to see positive results in their fight against depression and anxiety. Even just by scenting the oil or the tea, people are more likely to calm down experience better, uplifting mood. Studies, conducted in Germany, have proven these effects of jasmine, and further research is conducted as jasmine is being recommended to become a remedy companion in depression and anxiety cases.


In the world where pills and medication serve as the main remedy, and the first thing we all grab onto, turning to tea might be the best we can do for our health. Tea has been used for centuries as a way of treating numerous kinds of diseases and conditions, so why not use it today. Jasmine tea is accessible to everyone nowadays, and it can provide so much for both, your mind and your body. So, in the light of the holidays and the New Year, make it your resolution to take more care about your health, and go purchase some loose-leaf jasmine tea. Your body will be thankful.

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