Cocktails & Spirits

Classic cocktails made with good hooch taste better, so we have a lot of amazing craft and local spirits.

We have a full bar with some great local stuff and probably some things you have never heard of.

We have a lot of the old standbys, too. 


We serve more local spirits than any other bar or restaurant in Denver. If it is produced within the state we probably serve it. We love whiskey and are big fans of tequila and mezcal. We even have some flavored vodkas, but no, we don't have cotton-candy-chocolate-carmel-starfruit-gogo-berry-swizzle-stick.

Local Spirits


Classic Cocktails

This is a classic bar, so our go-to cocktails are based on classic cocktails. We make our own from-scratch sour mix: regular and spicy Diablo (infused with Serrano Pepper).

Beer Cocktails

After all, great beers have great flavors, so we love to use them with booze! These cocktails are limited and depend on our draft selection at the time. Just ask for a beer cocktail, and we’ll craft something to fit your fancy.

Smoked Cocktails

We use a Bourbon Barrel Stave & Blow Torch. That’s right, a blow torch. The stave is heated until red hot, and then the cocktail glass is put directly over the hot spot, trapping the smoke. What goes with smoke? Whiskey and Tequila are two of our favorites.